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Abdul Rashid Sani
4 min readDec 22, 2022

Buy from these black owned businesses this holiday to support black excellence.

We understand how hard it is to plan and buy presents for the people you care about. This is especially true when searching for black-owned products to buy. It is why we’ve compiled a list of 15 gifts from black-owned businesses to make it easier for you this holiday.

Furthermore, whatever you buy from these shops may help black entrepreneurs grow. Don’t be dull this holiday season. With this list, there is something for everyone, from fashion to cosmetics to beverages, among other things.

If you’re looking for wonderful gifts from black-owned businesses this holiday season, keep reading because we’ve compiled a list of 15 gifts from minority businesses.

15 gifts from black-owned businesses


Lifetime friends Pernell & Rod co-founded BLK & Bold out of their love for coffee and tea. The founders are interested in more than just making money; they also want to help young people have a better future. In view of this, they donate 5% of their revenue to non-profit organizations helping children in the US.

When you buy from BLK & Bold, you are killing two birds with one stone: putting a smile on your loved ones and building a better future for children at the same time.

2. Hanahana Beauty

Hanahana Beauty is one of the few quality shea butter products to gift your sister or your mother this season. It is a natural beauty product anyone can easily apply to their body. It comes in different sets with different prices. So it is very gentle on your pocket.

3. Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna needs no introduction. If you are looking to buy amazing gifts from black-owned businesses this holiday season, shop at Fenty Beauty. It sells quality skincare and lip products, among others.

4. Sienna Naturals

According to Sienna Natural, 8 out of 10 of its customers see results in just a single wash. Sienna Natural produces clean care products for textured hair. Have a close friend struggling with their hair? Help them repair and restore their hair by giving them this fantastic hair solution.

5. Terra Tory

Terra-Tory is a sustainable wellness brand that uses nature’s food to improve skin health. Its products are 100% natural. Essentially, it doesn’t use coconut oil, palm oil, or other non-FDA-regulated ingredients. It also offers a plastic-free packaging material to save the planet. If you value sustainability, surprise the people you care about with this gift.


This holiday season, AMI Cole is one of the black-owned businesses to buy gifts from. It specializes in producing skincare and lip products. Buy any of these products for your younger sister or girlfriend and put a smile on their faces.

7. Golde

Diving away from cosmetics, next on our list of gifts from black-owned businesses is Golde. Golde is known for producing superfood essentials to boost daily routines and improve skin health. Their food formulas are 100% natural and vegan-friendly. Their products include Coconut Collagen Boost, Shroom Shield, and many others.

8. H.I.M-istry Naturals

Do you want something special this holiday to surprise him? Buy men’s skincare, beard care, shaving, and other grooming products from H.I.M-istry. This is not your normal shaving cream or men’s skincare product. Their products tackle acne and skin dryness and give you smooth skin after shaving.

9. Pholk Beauty

Pholk Beauty is another skincare product to shop for from black-owned companies this holiday. The skincare product improves skin conditions and makes you feel good. Daily use of the product helps tackle dark marks and hyperpigmentation. Why don’t you go ahead and surprise them with this gift?

10. Jungalow

This holiday, surprise your family or a friend with something unique like never before. Jungalow manufactures creative and colorful goods for home decoration. Buy them wallpaper, ceramic products, plants, and other beautifully created items for their homes.

11. Edas

Again, shifting from beauty products, there are equally beautiful things to purchase from black-owned businesses during this holiday period. At Edas, you have quite a few goods to buy, from bags to earrings to hats and many more.

12. Iya Foods

The holidays are all about having fun with your family and friends. And a gathering without food is not complete. That is why we included Iya Foods on our list of gifts from black-owned businesses. Buy gluten-free flour and flour blends, biscuits and whole food powders, spices and seasonings, and many other things.

13. Telfar

Telfar is a black-owned company that sells fashion, from bags to apparel to accessories and anything in between. Shop and gift beautiful hoodies, camo, socks, jewellery, and others.

14. Envivacor

The next stop on our list is Envivacor. What about the idea of surprising her with a necklace this holiday? Envivacor sells beautiful necklaces that will look good on her. Make her feel good and glamorous with any of the types of necklaces at Envivacor.

15. Adwoa Beauty

Adwoa Beauty is the last product on our list of gifts from black-owned businesses to give to your loved ones. It is not your normal hair care product on the market. Adwoa Beauty cosmetic products are mixed with quality ingredients to deliver the best results for users.

These are the 15 best gifts from black-owned businesses to buy for your loved ones. Whether beauty products, jewellery, food, or fashion, there is so much more for you to choose from. Shop any of them for kids or adults: weddings, birthdays, or special occasions.

We hope this list helps you easily make a decision to buy from black-owned companies and support black excellence.

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